Do I need previous childcare experience to become a franchisee?

You do not need previous childcare experience to own a Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery. We provide you with all the training required to run a successful business.

What are the initial franchise fee and ongoing fees?

The initial franchise fee is £30,000 and there is a continuing management service fee (MSF) payable monthly calculated at 8% of turnover.

What are the total costs of setting up the business

On average approximately £170,000. However this can vary according to individual premise costs.

Can Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries facilitate financing?

We are pleased to make introductions to the Franchise Departments of the major U.K. banks, with whom we have very good relations. Our Franchisees often benefit from preferential rates in consideration of our experience and track record as franchisors.

How much money can I make?

Profitability depends on a number of factors including your ability to attract parents, manage your business efficiently and control costs. We will happily discuss this in further detail at the meeting stage but our Franchisees can expect to make profits in excess of £80,000 p.a.

How soon can I expect for my nursery to be open?

On average it takes up to 12 months, dependant on site finding and planning approval.

Will I have a protected territory?

Absolutely – you will have sole rights to a specific area.

Will I receive assistance in selecting a site

Yes, we will help you analyse the demographics of available sites in your local market and evaluate them in terms of price, location, access and planning. We also offer a full set of building plans and specifications to adapt to your site and will assist you in all phases of set up.

What about equipment and supplies?

We will provide you with a comprehensive itinerary of equipment along with a list of suppliers with whom you will receive discounted rates.

What kind of training can I expect as a Franchisee?

We will provide initial operations management training at our Head Office for approximately two weeks.  If necessary, this can be extended.

Will I receive assistance in planning the grand opening?

We will guide and assist you in utilizing our inventory of proven direct mail and advertising materials which will be tailored to your location and its opening activities.

How do I get started?

Just complete the initial enquiry form on this website or call us on 01442 878887.